Red Bull GHEC PAC Event Just Announced!


GHEC PAC supporters Red Bull have just announced a new event to help support the Coalition!  Scheduled for July 23 in the Bronze Peacock Room at the House of Blues, many talented DJs have stepped up to show their support for a revised noise ordinance in the City of Houston.

Talent will include:

Kyle Berg
Alex Clavijo
DJ Bizz
Dj Ebonix
Rapid Ric
Josh DuPont
Little Martin
DJ Rockwell
Good grief
DJ Baby Jae
T Gray

RSVP via Twitter @RedBullHOU #LOUD and check out the event page on Facebook at:


Hey everyone,

Things have been a little quiet around here (no pun intended), but the PAC has continued to work with city officials to evaluate compliance-oriented alternatives to HPD ticketing–it’s a long hard road, but we are working on it!

Also, the PAC is proud to announce that it has been working with the Texas Nightclub and Bar Alliance, a state-wide trade group, to help analyze issues affecting the live music/bar/nightclub industry, such as the Houston noise ordinance.  For more information on the TNBA, visit their website!

As always, thank you to our supporters!

Thanks to everyone who came to the Q&A

Thanks to everyone who came to the Q&A at Fitzgerald’s last week.  Hopefully we answered a lot of your questions about our organization and what we are doing to support the effort to revise the noise ordinance!    With just a little bit of support from everyone out there who loves live music in Houston, we definitely CAN make change!  Consider donating now, and thanks to everyone who already has!