Announcing the Greater Houston Entertainment Coalition PAC!

Welcome to the website for the Greater Houston Entertainment Coalition (GHEC) PAC!

We are a Houston-area political action committee (PAC) representing the interests of bars, clubs, live music venues, musicians, and sound professionals to revise the City of Houston’s recent amendments to the noise ordinance.  We are seeking equal representation of our interests at City Hall, objective standards for noise compliance, and fair enforcement of the law for all of our members.

Houston’s entertainment scene has been forged by the hard work and creativity of countless individuals in the entertainment industry, and the goal of the GHEC is to protect those contributions by engaging in the political process.  Help give your industry professionals a unified voice at City Hall to begin pro-actively addressing the many issues that affect us.

Have you personally been affected by the new noise ordinance?  Or do you support live music, DJs, musicians, sound professionals, and the support staff that make it happen?  If so, make a donation to help our cause!